Sunday, January 27, 2008

what a week

Last week was pretty insane with the sheer volume of daily attempts to bring me down. I've defiantly never been put through such emotions as I have last week. When something is done, it's done. When the timer goes off - the popcorn is ready to be eaten. Setting it for another 4 minutes is only going to burn the bag and/or set it on fire. Funny how some people try to set you on fire. I guess it's fun to watch.

I'm not bitter, I just don't understand why some people say the things they say.. or behave the way they do. It's very interesting.

Point to this vague blog. I hope that I will be left alone of the drama I don't wish to partake in. I think I proved my point that I refuse to be a pawn or be made to feel insecure by anyone. Sad that it came to that though.

In other news, my weekend picked up my mood a bit bc I got to see 2 movies and got to see 2 friends. I finally caught up on the sleep I had missed from the weekly insanity. I've been limiting my computer time lately so that I concentrate on a few other things so forgive me for being slack on the blogs.

No frets, I'm back..

***congrats to The Office for getting the SAG Award for Best Ensemble!***
Well Earned! Can't wait for new episodes... the WGA ordeal left me with baited breath!


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