Sunday, June 1, 2008

a touch of hollywood

".. and a little baby talk to make sure you still work, it's business.."

As perusual, I instantly became attracted to the notion of being involved on a movie set. I know which cards to use when I'm dealt certain hands.. and in this case.. I just happened to know which names/networks to drop. It's awesome to have simialr interests with friends 'in the business' because they keep you updated without hesitation.

I auditioned for a character role -and- for a moment in time.. I actually had the part! Granted, it was a small (but camera friendly) role - but a role none the less. The electricy that ran through my brain was almost as explosive as it was when I found out that I no longer had the part. What? Oh yes. I lived my dream for about a day and a half before the crushing realization of the cliched "that's showbiz" phrase haunted my damp eyes. Turns out *in an ironic twist of fate* that I was too tall for the role. Me?! This may be the only time ever in life I will be told I'm too tall for something. It's kinda funny now.. but then.. I wasn't too amused.

Everyone on the set ended up knowing me for "being the girl who got cut. the orignal mini-me. the girl who got her hair cut for nothing" - with a grain of comical salt, I took it. Hey, at least my legacey lived on for trival/lame/boring gossip. I heard that the celebs felt bad for me and yet weren't shocked that David O. Russell changed his mind. The director is about as fickle as a flip-flop but - it's in his hands, he should do what he wants to make the picture work.

Things do happen for a reason though. The movie is a chaotic showcase of miscommunication and dramatics. The time/money/life wasted during this project proves to me that I'm way better off for not being commited. I still worked it out that me and a few friends could do some extra work on the movie. I'm better off for not having my own trailer or imbd credit. I landed a real job (practical and constant) and it pays the bills. Not only that.. but I've been able to have a life.

When the next movie rolls around.. am I going to try to be involved? Well, I'm already working on that. Yes, I'm in the works of setting dates aside to be a zombie. So while I'm trying to be responsilbe with my job - at least - in fleet moments - I can still get a touch of hollywood to feed my desire to be in front of the bright lights.