Thursday, August 13, 2009

went to mexico and...

... here is my feedback.

1) Love has no language barrier.
2) The art of pure sacrifice reveals unconditional humility.
3) Respect is earned through actions more than words.
4) Compassion speaks volumes within even a glance.
5) Having your heart broken by God is something to be thankful for because it's the only way to open your eyes to the things you've seen and open your heart to the lessons you've learned.
6) Allowing yourself to become transparent to those around you 'as a family' opens beautiful doors for encouragement and guidance.
7) I am blessed and I need to evaluate what that means.
8) I am rich compared to most - so what am I doing with what I have.
9) Appreciate everything - let nothing slip through the cracks of contentment.
10)Don't waste time thinking about doing something - get up and just do it.


If you want the detailed part.. read onward.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” – Matthew 28:19

In my obedience to follow scripture, I joined a team from Midtown and embarked on a mission trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. We spent the mornings helping to construct churches in Colonia Milagros and Rancho Viejo. Midtown has a mission partner in Mexico "Alfonso" that helped us out a TON while we were out there. We got very lucky in having the staff take us in so warmly and quickly. They rocked.

In preparing for the trip, Alfonso wrote us a letter in which I would like to share a bit of with you regarding the villages we were involved with. (in regards to their economic standing..)

“…These communities are experiencing rapid growth. In just three years the population has grown from 5,000 people to 15,000 people. The average citizen ears $30 per week – some earn much less. The government has done a poor job helping these people. They have little training, no education and there is very little social assistance to aid their desperate situations. They see incredible wealth and frivolous spending all day long, then they go home to their shack or cinder block home. Their poverty is very oblivious to them…”

We worshiped through serving as we welcomed in the surrounding poverty stricken communities. I hope that we showed them that wealth is relative bc our debt is paid in full through Jesus Christ. God already met “our” biggest need by sending His son to give us salvation through that abundance of grace. No amount of income can take that away.

We hosted a children’s camp "VBS style" during the afternoons.. and it was oh so rad. I speak little-to-no Spanish but the beauty of it all... love has no language barrier. I had the best time hanging with the kids and they never seemed to care that I couldn't speak in their language. They were awesome. Their parents were some of the most trusting parents I've ever met. They never once hesitated to let us love on their kids.

We also drove around the streets and handed out clothes to the people nearby. We went to each respected house and offered them clothing for their family. I wish I could express how it felt to see their respect, humble acceptance and tearful joy of simply receiving an old, not super attractive, t-shirt.

I know, right?
Tip: Be thankful.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sitting at the table

"I'd rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery"
-bright eyes-

Would you cash in your chips if you knew that you were losing?
Would you stay in the game.. sucked in from the risk of it all?

Honestly, I'd rather know that I was working towards a result than waiting around for ridiculous odds. Even still, why do I sometimes keep cards glued to my chest as if luck will manipulate the hypothetical?