Tuesday, April 20, 2010

every second of every day

without Him, i am nothing.

so, this morning I woke with these lyrics in my head.
feel free to mediate with me today on these Truth inspired words:

Cause I know that you're alive
You came to fix my broken life
And I'll sing to glorify
Your Holy name, Jesus Christ

You bought my life with the blood
That you shed on the cross
When you died for the sins of men
And you let out a cry, crucified
Now alive in me

These hands are yours
Teach them to serve
As you please and I'll reach out
Desperate to see all the greatness of God
May my soul rest assured in you

I'll never be the same
No I'll never be the same

You've changed it all
You broke down the wall
When I spoke and confessed
In you I am blessed
Now I walk in the light
In victorious sight of you

Fire fall down
Fire fall down
On us we pray
As we seek
Fire fall down
Your fire fall down
On us we pray

Show me your heart
Show me your way
Show me your glory

Thursday, April 15, 2010

id rather have friends than fans

**Before you read this, let me be super clear. My thoughts come from both experience and observation. I have to constantly check my heart before speaking encouragement to make sure my words aren't glazed in a coward's attempt at flattery**

Empty words are like cavities to the soul.

Flattery is shallow and damaging to the spirit.
I think all too often people confuse flattery with encouragement but in actuality, there is an epic difference.

Mindless gibberish/validations can quickly clutter our perspective. When we are the subject of such undeserving praise it feeds our wicked default of glory hungry, egocentric behavior. When we are the ones pumping someone full of ill motivated empty words it's almost the equivalence of taking them and pushing them straight into a brick wall... over and over again. Why? Bc you aren't building them up as much as you are passively breaking down their hearts. Yep, you can crush people with positive words just as much as with negative ones if your motives are vapid.

Maybe we should take a minute to understand what each word means:
flattery - insincere or excessive praise
encouragement - the act of giving hope or support to someone, the expression of approval and support

See the difference?

Hebrews 3:13 tells us, we are called to encourage each other daily.
Immature manipulations masking flattery inside of fake encouragement doesn't do anybody any good. Strive to be legit with genuine words of hope and support. Encourage each other - see where God is at work - and praise Him for He is worthy of our praise!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

be encouraged:

“But Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Is it just me.... or is this treasure that Jesus gives us here a bit ridiculously freeing and exciting? Fo'realz! I know this is prob a verse you've heard more times than I can count if you've grown up in the church.. but.. I urge you to not water it down. Let this encourage you today!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

everything else > jelly.

There is no way to spice up taking a bit of a sandwich so if you watch the video... prepare yourselves for nothing super exciting going down. haha

Ok so sometimes I like to wake up and make lunch using whatever I see around the kitchen.

today: pbandj with banana on toast.
The biggest element of this was the jelly bc I don't like jelly.
I tried to slightly mask it with large banana chunks.

Overall, it's a Saturday lunch win.
*if you haven't tried it with cheerios you are missing out.

I don't like "grape" anything.
Even candy that is grape flavored. Yep, I will not eat it.
I traced my dislike back to the years spent as a child being force fed dimetapp so that I would go to bed. My insomnia started when I was young and at the time, this is the only way the Dr told us to handle it. Blah!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

14 years ago today.

While the tragic event happened over the Easter holidays of my 6th grade year... it was this day 14 years ago that my dad slipped into eternity.

The day.

The day I stood next to a hospital bed and said goodbye to my unconscious father.
The day I felt his hand turn cold as I fell into a numb and confused state of mind.
The day I will never forget and not for lack of trying.
The day that sparked a sequence of events that God would later use to help break, shape and mold my character. Yep, God showed me in high school that I went through what I went through so I could use those experience to in turn further His kingdom. That's hard to articulate but if you ever want to talk, I'm open about my life and what Jesus has done for me. Let me take this moment to share... God is 100% good despite unsettling events.

I am thankful for the 12 solid years of memories I had with my father. Some people don't even get that opportunity. I am truly blessed.

I found this picture of him when he was younger.
It says "to Cindy" in the corner.. yep, he gave this pic to my mom.

The other picture, is one that I took upon a visit.

My day of reflection doesn't bid me a bitter heart but more of a thankful one.
I know to most people that probably sounds a bit bizarre but my hope, my hope is in Jesus Christ and with that hope comes peace. He knows whats up. Death did not overcome Jesus - in Him we are alive forever.

In the blink of an eye - everything around you might fall apart and disappear. Fear not, God is constant and has plans to proper you - not to harm you. Trust Him

Friday, April 2, 2010

hope through the pain

I don't usually reread things that I write or must less re-post them... but after reading my post from Good Friday last year, I'd like to stand by it again.

"Oh yes, 3 days later God was like... boom. done.
Jesus came back! Easter! WHAT?!

Jesus died a death I deserved to die for. For the sins I commit. For the sins you commit. I'm talking about the little things and the big things. With every whip across His body, with every nail that pierced through His tender flesh, with every drop of blood that hit the dirt.... it was for you and me.

Please let the reality of that sink in a bit.
I know we can't fully understand the complete magnitude of grace we are given but at least attempt to meditate on that concept.


For the entire blog/story go to: http://kristiepearl.blogspot.com/2009/04/good-friday.html

This weekend, though incredible as it is can be incredibly difficult for me too. This weekend holds the reminder of the deaths of:
John Thomas Flynn. (my father)
Brady Thomas Flynn. (my nephew)

It's almost chilling that these deaths center around Easter. And for that, I have had to deal with some serious issues with God in the past. This does not mark the day of death for my dad but Good Friday is the day in 1996 that everything suddenly started - leading up to his death a few days or so later. That time of life is a bit of a blur but I do remember random people giving me Easter baskets in failed attempts to numb the pain. I'm so thankful that my Mom showed me Jesus and I was able to see how He provided her strength during her weakness. Jesus is the Almighty Healer.

Alas, God is good and with death comes life and a new hope. It is in this promise that I trust that they are in a grand place where neither of their hearts hold pain or unpleasant circumstance. Praise.

Our time is short and when our purpose is fulfilled, we are sealed to joining Him in His kingdom. I want to encourage you to take heart in this season of your life and let people know how you feel about them. Be open and honest - you have nothing to lose. If you let that moment slip away - it may be the last one that you ever have here on earth. Nothing happens by accident so don't deny what is and live with purpose.

With death - comes new life.
I praise Jesus for what He became for me.
Rescuer, Savior, Redeemer