Sunday, February 28, 2010

while you were sleeping

It was 4:30am and I couldn't sleep... so I thought I'd mess with some new edit features on my moviemakermedia.

basically.. while you were sleeping... I did this for kicks:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

God... please check yes or no.

In true commercialized holiday fashion, if you are single - you are probably more aware of your status during the month of February than any other month of the year. Point blank: I am single and yes, I am well aware.

You may know this about me already but I am pretty anti-hallmark for two reasons.
1) I like to make my own cards for friends.
2) I am not a fan of marketing on someone's emotions

So now that we've got commercialism out of the way, lets talk about the awareness aspect. My advice? Try not to let the reality of your singleness consume your heart/thought-life. This may be a foreign concept to you but singleness is actually a gift - not a curse. From a Biblical standpoint - think of this season of your life as a time where God is molding, shaping and preparing you for what will bring Him the most glory. (and c'mon, that's a pretty special place to be... you are meant for great things through Jesus!)

Here is a bit of perspective: Ok so you know how at Christmas you always get that one gift that you could have done without? Well, a lot of people feel that way about their gift of singleness. Here is a perspective that shakes me every time I let a thought like that creep into my mind:

Your doubt reflects your trust in God. (I know right. Simple but true.)

It's so hard to be patient when you establish to yourself that you like someone. You then analyze everything to a point where even the word "hey" could be taken in like 7 different ways. I'm a girl so I'll speak to girls... girls - just do your thing and be yourself. Trust God. Trust that He knows what is BEST for you and that if you wait, He'll show you what that means. Don't settle. And hey, if you like someone - pray about it, pray for him, tell your close friends and trust their discernment. Don't pursue him and cheapen it. Give it to God and be patient. That man will step-up if he is supposed to.. right?

I can't speak on behalf of guys but according to my friends.. when they actively prayed for finding a wife, they found one. Each story I know centers around them finding their wives from already established friendships that God gave the green light on. They would say to other guys: If you like someone - pray about her, have close friends pray/discern the potential relationship, pray for clarity... and then either pursue or move on. Random aside: If a friend suggests for you to consider dating someone - that's great but just be careful not to give your friend expectations of God. Take it to Him.

If you like someone - take your vision list to God and ask him to check yes or no on this person. If you aren't sure of who this person is.. ask for Him to open your eyes to discovering this person.. then.. pray. wait. respond accordingly. In the meantime, trust that God knows what you need and let Him provide. Take advantage of your gift.. you never know when God will be around the corner waiting to give you another gift. And I'll be the first one to admit that I'm excited about that day.

- kp -

in short: don't get so focused on your frustrations that you miss out on all the blessings.