Friday, July 3, 2009

i wish you well

I ran home, felt like a kid again
Like I did way back when
Eyes open wide, I came here to hide
And so it goes

Few days shy of 25
Alone again, wondering why
No one stays by my side
And so it goes

I don't wanna know what love is
I'm just trying to exist
And I'd like to think you'll be back after this
Oh but I know you don't believe it

There are pieces of you here
That just won't disappear
At least for another year
So I wish you well my friend
Cuz I know you won't be back again

I've never felt so
Half of what I am
So lights out
Lets do this again

Tomorrow's on hold
When I'm missing conversations
And coming off cold

I'll take the fall
And blame this all on me
For the sake of hiding
What created this catastrophe
Where every day's a heartbreak
And it hurts to be awake
And so it goes

You don't have to convince me
The truth is in your words
When I wake it will be me
Still being absurd
And so it goes