Thursday, July 29, 2010


fun fact: I used to volunteer for Mad Science to "teach" kiddos via crazy fun science experiments with the intentions of making learning fun. In reality, I called it time to "play" and make stuff blow up. I worked at a child developmental center around this time too so my scientific name of "kinetic kristie" carried over to the crew at my job to imply that I was characterized by energy in motion.

Truth be told, I used to think it was a tragic flaw of mine to be so naturally hyperactive and energetic. What I've come to realize though is that being active is ok - it just depends on how you use your energy. Am I using that energy to be effective for the Kingdom or am I using that energy to pour into broken cisterns of sorts? It's a good question to challenge yourself with, at least it is for me. Am I living out the Gospel and is my kineticness glorifying God?

I'm about to start packing up my room to get ready to move in a few days. Yesterday I found out when I needed to move out of my current house and thankfully, I found a new place to stay... all within an hour. God provides, never doubt that He is the ultimate Provider.

Before you ask, yes - for one reason or another I've moved around Columbia every year since I've lived here. It's not something I plan for.. as fun as packing and unpacking sounds. I love traveling but not quite in this fashion. In all seriousness though, The Holy Spirit makes certain things really clear to me and one is in regards to where I am located. Plus, He likes to keep me on my toes. If I get too comfortable, I'll get lazy. It's His grace that keeps me motivated in motion. I'm not sure what this is all to prepare me for but in the meantime, I'm just trying to be obedient.

About two years ago, I read a book and the idea of being a part of a church plant and helping to cultivate Biblical community/fellowship fell on my heart. I have no idea where or when or if that is even something that will present itself as an opportunity for me at some point. It's obvious to me right now that I'm in Columbia for a reason and honestly, prob for a while - I do have a feeling it wont be forever. Either way, I'm more than ok with being here. I love this city and more than that, I love the people in it.

As I pray to grow in the area of relational ministry - I've been given the opportunity to move into the community I'm trying to really connect with and love on. I dig God's creativity in how He is getting me over there... ask me what I mean later if you are curious what I mean.

My Mom gave me this encouragement on my birthday.
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." - Joshua 1:9

So while I never know where I'll live or for how long, I take comfort in knowing, I'll never be without God... and that's all I need to know.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I feel secure in saying that when the answer that you want is within the tone of the question that you state.. you've 98% already made up your mind. I find that in situations like that, we only ask questions to either further validate our decisions or to simply hear ourselves talk.

Lets be honest:
"Is this a bad idea?" - yeah, it usually is.
"Should I do this?" - no, probably not.

We put ourselves on the front lines of war when we let our convictions spark justifications instead of repentance. I think all too often we ask poor, empty questions. It's a dangerous day when we let a rebellious childhood mindset trick us into thinking we have metaphorical chains to break. We flirt with the temptation of "how far can I *insert sin here*" and in so, we subject ourselves to an unguarded battle against the enemy. Yikes.

When I've found myself guilty of justifications, it's because I was being lazy. Confession: the cliche hyperactive kid's default broken response is apathy. Praise God that He allows the Holy Spirit to change the lackadaisical sinner into a passionate believer. Praise God for forgiveness and grace.

Ok so back to my point: Rather than asking questions like "what can I get away with" we should maybe be asking ourselves.. "does this glorify God/Am I glorifying God in this moment/again, is this for God's glory?"

ps If you want clarity... start by being clear.