Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh Hey Perspective!


Sudden events necessitate being out of touch and I currently face such delays in my daily existence.

"Accept things as they are and change your schedule. These things happen!"

sarcasm is a crutch for the weak and sometimes I'm downright fluish.

Monday, April 13, 2009

be still and wait

Quiet subtext speaks volumes of analytical depths in times of deafening silence.

I feel that sometimes/in certain situations - words are either:
a) not good enough
b) lost in your mind
c) swallowed back into your heart

It's in moments like that when silence means everything.
And I know you know what I mean.
When your tongue goes numb and you become almost shy of language all together.

I am amazed at how loud silence can be.
There is great power in few words with exact intention.

Silence turns us inward to our thoughts and perceptions.
Insert my over analytical nature here.

As I undergo this process of patience, I pray that clarity will work it's magic like Windex on smudged glass.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday part 2.. read part 1 first.

So if you read part 1 first (which you should do now if you are reading this message first) you know I'm all about this weekend.


This weekend is also incredibly difficult for me at times.
This is the weekend that marks two deaths of two people in my family.
John Thomas Flynn. (my father)
Brady Thomas Flynn. (my nephew)

Yes, it is almost chilling that these deaths center around Easter. And for that, I have had to deal with some serious issues with God in the past. Alas, with death comes life and a new hope. It is in that I trust that they both are in a grand place where neither of their hearts will hold pain or unpleasant circumstance. Peace.

Even so.. it's hard.
Tomorrow I am going to Sumter to do help my Mom with an Easter Egg hunt at my hometown church.. then have lunch with my family and then after.. I'm going to the cemetery to visit their graves.. before returning to Columbia.
I will sit in silence and stumble upon words as no words ever seem quite right.
It is humbling.
Our time is short and when our purpose is fulfilled, we are sealed to joining Him in His kingdom.

So why are we so selfish here on earth? Because we love.

I want to encourage you to take heart in this season of your life and just really let people know how you feel about them. Be open and honest - you have nothing to lose. But if you let that moment slip away - it may be the last one that you ever have.

With death - comes new life.

Love to the Tips of your Fingers.

make it count

Good Friday

Picture this if you will.

exhibit A: A pretty legit dude, being obedient to his Father, doing his thing - sharing this rad message of peace and love.
exhibit B: Everyone else.

So, the people in this lil area of the world... in large part.... are not ok with the power that encompasses this guy. They don't get why people believe the things he says or why people follow him around doing what this dude proclaims as truth. The people think.. "who the bleep does he think he is?.. he is NOT the king!"
Matthew 27:11

The people outside the clique want to do whatever they can to see this guy put to death. They didn't mess around back then. They want all the power for themselves. This guy is so confusing to them and yet oddly valuable and important to how the society is evolving... that even a friend is willing to rat his buddy out just for a couple bucks.
Mark 14:10-11.. so breaking.. Matthew 26:47-50

I can't imagine being this guy. Stop and think about all of the possible emotions that must be going through your head. Knowing how good these people could be or how much love they could have if they just listened. Watching them rip the flesh off of your back. Being straight-up beaten to a mild existence only to then carry a large cross... a freaking long way.. up to a place where you would then be laughed at until death overcame your body. All the while.. being mocked.
Matthew 27: 27-31

Guess what though... this guy proved all those jokers wrong.
His death had purpose and His obedience to God, brought this to light.
He did not let death overcome HIM.

Oh yes, 3 days later God was like... boom. done.
Jesus came back! Easter! WHAT?!

Ok so you can read my previous post on my feelings of Salvation but I'll touch base a little bit in this blog as well.

Jesus died a death I deserved to die for. For the sins I commit. For the sins you commit. I'm talking about the little things and the big things. With every whip across His body, with every nail that pierced through His tender flesh, with every drop of blood that hit the dirt.... it was for you and me.

Please let the reality of that sink in a bit.
I know we can't fully understand the complete magnitude of grace we are given but at least attempt to meditate on that concept.

Yes, Jesus died and came back so that you and I could have eternal life in the name of Jesus Christ. He paid our debts for us so that we may know Him - God - feel the Holy Spirit in our lives and live in such a way of Truth, belief, and faith - that we can one day live in Heaven with our Savior.
Matthew 28. Yep the whole chapter.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've wanted a tattoo for a long time but I've made myself wait until I felt it was right. I figured, if I had to second guess the symbolic branding of my flesh then I should hold out until I didn't have a shred of doubt.

Well, I found my symbol and it comes in a word.
The word comes from Ancient Greek and it is: Tetelestai.

I'd love this to be put in a cool font on my wrist, black, not huge.. just enough for me to be constantly reminded of the meaning behind the text.

So what is the meaning behind the text?
Good question.

"When he had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit" John 19:30

Jesus sacrificed His life in the most incredible way imaginable. He payed the price, my wages of sin, so that I may come to know the Trinity and have salvation through knowing His beautiful grace. He suffered on the cross because of our sinful nature. He bled for our transgressions. And He "finished/completed/paid our debts" for us due to His love and hope for us. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I mean, really.

I want this tattoo to remind me that my debt is paid-in-full.
A reminder that Jesus loves even a sinner like me and above all else, He is my everything.

Long story short, I don't know when this is going to happen but it will happen when the time is right and it will serve as a daily reminder of the grand price Jesus paid for my salvation.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Forgive Me

My apologies.

I feel that I need to openly apologize to those that I may have come in contact with tonight during my half-asleep mode. Looking back…. I think my exhaustion may have come across as apathetic and I want to clearly state that if you got that impression from me - I am truly sorry.

My heart was in the right place tonight but my mind was elsewhere at times. Yes, my mind was screaming for rest but I haven’t let it rest bc I haven‘t been able to get much sleep lately and it affected me more than I was aware. I completely suck for letting that determine my behavior.

Anyway, God woke me up during the service - He is good about that - and afterward I was back to my semi-normal self. I just wanted to apologize for those fam loves that I might of spoken to earlier when I was out of it. If you felt something was off.. It was totally me, not you,. I am unaware of how shy I become when I am inwardly exhausted.

Working on it.
Please forgive me.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today is a Gift

Today is a gift, not a given.

Lets get serious.
How often do you properly give thanks for each day?
I mean really, really give thanks for your existence.

I feel like we all falter in this area sometimes because it's so easy for us to take our lives for granted. I feel that we slack off in our appreciations due to distracting behaviors and egocentric tendencies. We become so involved in the discovery of ourselves that we let the quest for self become our identity.

I posted a while back about my feelings of Identity in Christ and how amazing that is.. so I won't get into that now. Look back if you want a ref point.

Ok so, we all have purpose. We have a reason that we are here.
How encouraging. Be thankful for your little part in this masterpiece.
Without each part, the puzzle would fall short of it's design and intention.

p.s. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I am happy to report that my health is much better know and my liver has been healed. Praise.