Thursday, January 31, 2008

All We Are, We Are


Last night was nothing short of amazing fun. To say that I needed the faces that I saw and then events that took place… is an understatement. Things at the house/work/etc. have been oddly stressful lately and I really needed a night – strictly for fun. I can always trust that when I'm with my friends – that 'everything is good in the world' feeling kicks back in.

Did I mention that the concert I went to rocked?! If you don't know Matt Nathanson, look him up. I can hook you up with a list of my favorite songs – just ask. I've got every album. I've been a fan for 5/6 years. He is uber talented, hilarious, and in his own quirky way – charming as all get out. He has a passionate spark when it comes to his music – you can't help but want to know more about him and his life. Thus, we go to his shows for a glimpse of it all.

I sang aloud to every song and went into my own little matt zone. I talked to him for a hot second after the show and def. said..
"you might not remember me but…" Then he goes, "OH YAH!" And gave me a big hug and said something about the shows I helped put on for him.. and the airport pick-up, haha. He signed something for me and he said, Kristie right. I said yeah – he goes, KR right. So basically.. that.was. rad.

We took a picture together and he pulled my face into his and goes, "your breath smells amazing"

HA – he cracks me up!!! Thanks Orbit for that brief moment in time, I owe you… haha!

Here is his new single: Car Crash

I also met Ingrid Michaelson. Her voice is just as unique as she seems to be. She has a haunting vocal range that will leave you with odd melodies stuck in your head for hours. I was impressed. I knew most of her songs but I'm not a massive fan like I am with Matt. I've kept up with the music scene enough to pick out her better songs and those are the ones I frequently play. She reminds me of my cousin which is a little bit crazy but – cool none the less.

A very chill, indie show well done.

The night seemed like it went by so fast. When all was said and done, it was a little hard to believe it was as late as it was. Time to hit the road. Me and my homegirl had a long drive back home… in the rain.. that never stopped… haha but it's all good. Worth every drop and I'm ok with making coffee to stay awake at work. =)


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