Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

It's freezing today! C'mon sky.. bring on the snow flakes!
Nights like this you almost want to just hide away under blankets and sheets...
I was lazy yesterday though.. I can't be that way 2 days in a row =p

Work was as slow as 'all get out' today for unknown reasons. I had plenty of work to do, I even had my friend meet me for lunch at the office.. still.. the day lasted forrrrevvvveeerrrrr. (quote'n Sandlot is never a bad thing)

Now, I want to go see the National Treasure movie if I can find someone who hasn't seen it yet and wants to go... I don't have to go tonight but I'd like to see it soon since I just watched the first one. I want it to stay fresh! If I can't find someone - I might end up watching Just Friends at my friends apt. Either way, not a bad deal. Holla'

off to work out.. oh my.. no pain no gain.. eeeeeeeek!

stay warm, cuddle up!

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