Tuesday, January 1, 2008

stifny (continued)

Re-reading my first post.. I shutter at how nothing seems to make sense.

I was set up last night by 2 people and when I found out about it and said,
"no seriously, I'm good.. thanks but no thanks.." I guess I wasn't clear enough.
Needless, I had to deal with some sketchy behavior that I felt was a bit much.. I dealt with it privately but it caught me off guard due to the randomness and unrelated nature of it all. Ya know?

It's the sleazy way certain things were said.. and how I was treated... really middle school and lame. Sketchy even tried to get me upset <-- all in an attempt to make me respond and act out?! Cause that makes sense...well folks, I didn't act out. Shame, lol. Yeah, I'm not that kind of girl. Sorry to disappoint. I don't waste my breath or time being stupid or doing stupid things that don't matter. Well, I didn't appreciate the buzz kill of a person I didn't know... pulling a bad attempt at reverse psychology... bc he had hopes of getting lucky. Yah, trying to stir up drama when there is nothing to stir.. that is sexy. Not. It made me want to leave the situation and people. It completely sucks that people carry on as such.. on the daily. Although one person apologized.. the other did not. Pathetic. And as far as sketch.. no worrys, by the end of the night - his satisfaction was reached elsewhere.

ps. when people ignore you/give you the cold shoulder - *for no logical reason* it is a sign of passive aggressive weakness. Not attractive at all.

Anyway, other than running away from someone all night and feeling shafted for unknown reasons... by someone else, I had a great time.
The rd trip to our destination was fun and dinner was great! Sing-a-longs rule and my gps is trusty. The house was interesting and we def had fun moments... aka circle of death... but I think the 25 dollar cover and puked up van kinda started to put a twist on the level of fun. The Bkfst Club was just that.. 80stacular! haha I got to hug and kiss all the friends in wishes of luck for a great new year. Buuut when it was time to roll home... it was time to roll home! I don't know... I just get uncomfortable when ppl start going in random rooms doing things. Ya know? lol ah!



Angel said...

"so not the drama"

rock on for keeping your cool in an AWK-ward situation

You're so awesome- just had to remind you

Happy New Year babe!

blustar said...

Thanks, that means a lot.

Happy 2008 - I hope it's your best year ever!