Monday, October 29, 2007

Worth the Exhaustion

".. do you think it'd be alright, if I could just crash here tonight - you see I'm in no shape for driving - anyway I've got no place to go.. "
~Gin Blossoms~

What a weekend.

Friday night was one of my bests birthdays.. needless to say.. it was a fun night! I met a lot of people as I typically try to get to know everyone around me.. at least in a quaint manner. I like socialization situations and making friends. I also like being with ppl I hold dear and I got to experience a bit of both worlds. I kept myself together... for the most part.. so I could make sure everything was cool and be there to watch after my buddy. However, by the end of the festivities I found myself lost in a slushy of everclear.
The night was filled with interesting realizations for me... I'll only touch on one of them for yah. What are the odds that I ran into someone - whom I haven't seen in a year due to the fact that I became friends with - yep - the person I was at this party for? I lessened my "friend count" by 1 best friend, 1 good friend, and 3 ppl I hung around from time to time - all because of my friendship with another person. (how pathetic and sad on their part, ha oooh well! Good to know who your real friends are, tru. We are all better off, trust) And here we are, all together again - a year later, haha. Unreal! Seriously, what are the odds? You don't even know how strange that is. It's all good tho. I was able to set some peace.. never a bad idea.

Neway, after my limit of fun was reached I realized that I wasn't the only one that reached a limit. Yep, homeboy was spent. We crashed at a friends house. I stay'd awake until I felt things were ok - then I went to bed. Sleep was mediocre at best, haha. Overall good times.. well ....except for the next morning.. yikes =p

Saturday was my Halloween Party. To say stress never entered into the planning of this event would be a lie. Decorations/food/drinks/music/inviting people/costumes/cleaning - ok. We had a lot of things to do.. and I took it upon myself to see that everything was done. That's just me though. When slack was shown I took it up for the team. Whenever I got stressed out, I just thought to myself - I'm doing this for my friends. It's going to rock. Well, everything turned out great and everyone claims to have had a blast. =) I had a grrrreat time. So many random ppl united here to watch the football game (what an upset!) as well as dress up and act a' fool with old friends/new friends/random ppl you might not ever see again but it's ok bc Thriller play'd at some point in the night so all is well in the world. Costumes were very interesting. Some were better than others and some had more class than others. You know, it's Halloween -- time to sprinkle on the smut. *stares at fishnet thigh highs on floor*

I had a blast.. except for people that had a bit "too much fun" repeating things over and over and getting up in peoples faces that they didn't know - just being awkward. Every party has a few of those I guess. Yah, a few people that are friends of my roommates - came and looked at pictures in my room. Questioned who everyone was - and I'd say "yah, she is coming or he is coming later" and from what I heard Sunday, those ppl let vague memory plague their speech to some of my friends. haha Told my homegirl that they "heard a lot about her and that they felt like they knew her" I've also heard homeboy got "so you're... i've heard sooo much about you, wait - you are ... right?" What? lol Where was I? I would've looooooved to have been like - oh really? What have you heard?!? Bc that - that would be silence from drunken tongues. NOt that I don't talk about how awesome my friends are - but not to strangers. hahaha. Well, we went to bed around 6am. Goooood Tiiiimes! Tru

Sunday involved a rode trip to Raleigh, NC for a Jimmy Eat World concert. It was off-the-chain awesome. I can't describe to you in words how awe struck I am at the total package of the show. The acoustics were amazing and the lights were timed perfectly with each beat of each cord and drum beat throughout each song. If you didn't go - you missed out! Never a dull moment or a bad song choice, they played a good mix of new and old songs. Me and the best had a greeeeat time. Of course we almost ran out of gas on a very sketchy road and were about to zzzzzzz on the rode but - it was worth it. Yes, totally worth the trip.

Now it is Monday.. I just got back from work - and yes - I am about to take a much needed nap. The hours of sleep achieved this weekend would only made you sad. haha


ps. I'll post pics later of fun times!

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Halloween 07...MAY
also, without realizing it, your blog has peer pressured me into finally transferring my myspace blogs into a valid blogging site (aka this one). welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, woodshed.