Friday, October 12, 2007

I now pronounce you...

"Sing me sweet, sing me low, say you'll never let me go... cause I've gone long enough waiting for wonderful"
-Matt Nathanson-

Tonight I was granted the honor of watching two friends of mine rehearse for one of the biggest moments they will ever experience. Yes, chime those wedding bells and prepare to smile until your cheeks hurt. Someone I've known for 15 years is getting married tomorrow. She and I were never too close in lower/middle or even high school and but we became great friends during college. Hall mates/Suitmates/Roommates. AK and KP - laughter until all hours. Ok, that typically means I would jump into her room after she was trying to sleep.. just to sing some Ashley Simpson songs. Or those times that she would come to class with me bc I "could not miss" but I'd get bored alone. Random and hilarity: brought to you by Sumter survivors.

We didn't see each other much after she and her boy got serious but.. that happens sometimes. It's ok. She is happy and he is happy and I am happy for them. MFEO - Made For Each Other. Wouldn't that be cool to look at that "person" you want/have in your heart/you think about all the time/ and just say .. "You know what.. we are MFEO"

Luckily, some people sum up the courage and go for it. They did - and - I'll have the pictures to prove it after tomorrow. Love is in the air and tomorrow when it's time to dance, hold someone close and take comfort in their presence as you celebrate unity and love.... I will sit at my table and sip my wine..thinking to myself.. does someone think of me like that? Do I think of someone like that? Well..... Maybe.

*hug and a kiss*
I'm feeling rather loving right now.


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