Wednesday, October 24, 2007

State Fair 07' = A-mazing.

"We'll scream loud at the top of our lungs and they'll think it's just cause we're young...and we'll feel so alive...throw it away, forget yesterday.. we'll make the great escape.. cause we are finally free tonight" ~Boys like Girls~

Last Thursday was POP night (aka Pay One Price night) at the State Fair! Needless to say, my friends and I had been counting down the days until our turn to live it up with hundreds of our closest local friends :-D Well, the day finally came and it rocked!

There is just something magical about the Fair. The lights, the food, the rides, esp the screaming and laughing with the people you are there with. I'm not sure why it has that romantic appeal but.. it does. Don't deny it, you know it's true.. odd but true. Maybe because it's only here once a year? Maybe the romance lies in wondering if you are going to fall off of the rides bc - yes - they did put most things up in a single day. Yiiikes! However risky it may seem to put your life in jeopardy for a thrill, it is this mysterious appeal that sucks us in. We, like moths, are attracted to the Fair for different reasons. Me? I love the innocence. What do you like about it?

The most important element though - to me - is by far - who you experience the skechy atmosphere with. This year, I was with a group of such fun and chill friends that there was no room for a buzz kill. Last year could've been fun but due to circumstances beyond my control.. the night became stained with dramatics and thus left me a bit deflated by the end of the foggy night. It's hard to cut free when you are stuck in a moment of confusion and potential awkwardness. I only really knew one person and that was the person who shut down the fun.

I'm ok with it now though bc one of those ppl I didn't know that well is now one of my best friends. Not only that.. but we were able to vindicate those previous memories with new ones this year. I can't speak for him but I had a blast. It's really cool that we had the chance to go again...even though I prolly killed his sides from those gravity style rides that forcefully thrust you into whoever is fortunate enough to sit next to you, haha! Sorry Boo.. but trust, it was a great night. I mean, how many times can you.. ride the fireball, listen to a pre-recorded drum show, have a bowl of spaghetti, see Ruban, listen to Weezer on the typical hiphop music express and of course - deal with rain, learn survival tips for Swing Tower, and oh yes - the jumping every time that game went off.... ah! See - can't beat that, haha!

So, on top of that being awesome - I also experienced the Fair with another person who is also super special to my heart. Yes, BFF is an understatement. Yah, it was this time last year that we thought a bout going to see Raven <-- (yes, from That's So Raven) in concert at the Fair but we didn't make it. That's ok though because we heard it from my balcony and we were able to "chat" about "things" *laugh out loud* about the "trip" ha! Well, I barely knew her then but I can't imagine life without her in it now. Let the record show that she is the only person that I would ride the Zipper for - just saying. =) I know I'm n ot a lifetime member of the Fair like woodshed but I sure did act like it with a lil help from her! Let us not forget.. Proud Mary, the Euro slide hike, laughing in the rain, games that sound exactly like gun shots, Hey There Delilah, Stripe Shirt, Interpretive dance on the Carousal, old man electric sliding, byebye corn dog, sketMcsketch fiske fry guy, carnies, should I keep going.. bc I totally could :-D Here are some photos of the fun: enjoy :-D

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Anonymous said...

you are my bff like whoah. ahhhhh, i love you so so so much. thank goodness you made new awesome memories this year- and i'm still proud of you for riding the zipper. = D till next year. t-minus till sc state fair 08.