Monday, October 29, 2007

SC hotel?

My friend booked a hotel room at a seemingly nice hotel at the beach. She has been keeping up with people's comments on their stay.. until she came across this. Yikes and Hilarity.

"I wouldn't stay here again if they paid me! The first room we got practically got us high from the smell of pot as soon as we opened the door. The second room we got just had a very eerie feeling. Very demonic. I actually began crying cuz I wanted to leave...unfortunately it was midnight and with the lack of internet use at the hotel we didn't know where else to go. There is NO insulation in the walls, I could hear conversations in the next room over. There is NO clock in the room. If you plan on using the coffee pot they advertise to have in the room, you better bring your own coffee...they don't provide it for you. We slept with our clothes on and the blinds soon as the sun came up we hit the road. I went to bed wishing we had just slept in our car and the next day my husband said the same thing...pretty bad when we both have the same thought of wishing we had slept in our car rather than in a hotel."

*Good Luck!*