Monday, October 15, 2007

It's all in the Timing... or is it?

"..You'll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time, what are you hoping for? I'm here I'm now I'm ready.. holding on tight"
-Jimmy Eat World-


Movie I watched.

Ok, so it was cheesy and "tween" but it was also quite charming and semi-realistic. I enjoyed the modern twist on the classic story. Ex. The boy and girl texting and using aim as a means of communication. I grew up as an icq and aim master and though I'm shying away from it these days.. texting seems to be the new big thing and I have fallen victim the joys of sending and receiving msgs. As pointless as they might seem - there is just something fun about it. You know it's true and if you deny it - then you lie. haha Wave goodbye to the days of hand written letters, "check yes or no" It's kinda sad... I still dig the old school notes :-D

Well, the move couple fell in love even though they never "met"... or so they thought. They went to the same school and when the girl realized who the boy was... she couldn't bring herself to let him know who she was. She felt she wasn't good enough for him. Hence, she said she'd wait for the right time to tell him.. but.. she waited too long and a huge mess unfolded in front of the entire school which brought her out in an uncool fashion. Of course, they all get over it by the credits and he picks love over popularity.. yadda. But it was all about the timing. Had she been honest and upfront when the moment presented itself - she would've avoided all of that waiting and heartache. He was ready and waiting for her to reveal herself -- she hesitated even though she wanted him. What if he moved on? What if she missed her chance due to her fantasy of there actually being a "right time" -- Is there ever a right time? Most cool things I've ever experienced were random/on the spot/out of nowhere situations... but.. maybe that's just me.

My favorite quote from the movie: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" - Baseball line applied to life.

Fear will control your life if you let it... so take a deep breath and take that risk sometimes. The greatest things in life typically take the biggest leaps of faith. Trust me. I'll relate this to "love" since a) I'm amid Wedding mania and b) this movie was a romantic comedy. If you like someone - let them know it. Don't play games. If blunt isn't your scene then at least make a move to see if the feeling is reciprocated. Don't wait for them to make a move - because they might be waiting on you to make a move and the cycle will never end! That means you are both in a state of waiting.. and yes - it is mysterious and enduring for a while but - you should know when enough is enough. Also, just because they don't make a move, doesn't mean they might not care or want to.. as we see with Duff's character in the movie. We, as humans, are curious by default but we are also deathly afraid of outcomes. We focus so much energy on the negative possibilities that we tend to forget about the chance of a life-changing awesome reality. Rejection hurts - but you've got a 50/50 chance on something amazing too. Now, if you choose to wait around and miss out on an opportunity -that's your own thing and at least you are aware of it. I'm not even talking about starting a serious to marriage relationship but - baby steps towards a greater purpose, never a bad idea if that is what you want. Again, if that is what you want.

As for me... I become shy when I feel 'a moment' presents itself. I think to myself.. "no, it's not the right time... maybe later. No - I can't let that happen so I'll just forget it for now.. no big deal.. the timing is off" Well, if not now - then when? I'm working on this one - it's difficult. I tend to downplay my feelings if I feel they are mute but you know what I've realized... I can't control how I feel and I shouldn't feel bad and you shouldn't either. I'm learning a lot these days and I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I see that more each day. I'm here and I'm ready, what are you hoping for?



Anonymous said...

holler. i love that movie...and jimmy song...and you. so, someone asked me if it was true that me & "mr. friendly" are dating. um, what? hahaha. "i mean, i had a really good time." haha. <3, mb

blustar said...

Thanks, luv you too! And as far as "Mr. Friendly" is concerned... holla' that it's only been a few days and you're fighting off questions.. haha. ;-) <-- and yes. yes I did *wink*