Sunday, December 30, 2007

What Turns You... ON?

Ok, I'm more than aware that the title of this was more eye catching than not. However, rest your sexual mind at ease. I state the obvious with the most general of implications of the question, "What turns you on?" Seriously, think about it! What in life do you like? What are you drawn to? What gets you excited? What do you crave? What gets you going?

A few nights ago, I sat outside.. underneath the stars.. and did some serious reflecting on 2007. To say that a lot has changed for me throughout this year would be a giant understatement. I may in fact be on another planet all together. I've grown so much and yet, so much has yet to be explained. I feel that in due time - more things will click in my recall of whys and what ifs. Ok, forgive the tangent.. I'll get to my point. In my 2007ish thoughts... I can't help but ask myself... "Ok, what turns me on?" I'm reading a book right now and I came across an exercise that the writer used to sort through what makes her happy in her life...

I'll give you a few of my turn-ons... you do the same in your mind or on paper.. whatever. The whole point is that you take as second to look inside at yourself for once as you recognize what makes you feel alive:
-music (listening to it, singing, going to concerts, lyrics, beat)
-musicians (shows talent, dedication, good with hands.. never a bad idea in a guy)
-dance (dancing, watching/doing.. any and all kinds)
-being passionate (about the things I like, expressing myself when i desire)
-writing (my thoughts (obviously) songs/poems..)
-movies (acting, new movies/old favorites, watching a great story unfold before my eyes)
-creative projects (making things with a purpose for me or others)
-being outdoors (doing anything outside, adventures)
-randomity (living life with no expectations, welcoming in the random and going with it.. never really knowing what is going to happen until it does)
-being with my family/friends (hanging out/talking/loving)
-my faith (my faith excites me and awakens me the most out of anything on any list)
-comfortable beds (i have insomnia so comfortable beds are like a slice of heaven)
-chocolate (any and all forms.. except white)
-helping people sort out their problems (being at the heart of what a friend is: loyalty, trust)
-mentoring children (i love helping kids)
-back massages (this is something I enjoy but also has the potential to lit. turn me on)
-random acts of kindness (gosh, it feels so good when someone thinks about you and does something about it - I do what I can to make sure my friends know I don't take them for granted and strangers to.. you never know what can change a sad day into the best day ever)
-cuddling/holding hands/being held (I am a hopeless romantic)
-taking pictures (silly to serious - nice cameras or throw away kind.. all great)
-making my own fashions (I tend to throw a bunch of different styles together, it's fun)
-video games (systems to online pvp games)
-cherry coke/cheerwine (i love the taste)
-good sneakers for working out/working out/yoga (nothing beats the high of a good workout)
-my rainbows (so comfie and long lasting)
-ties/hats (i am attracted to both... don't know why, just am. the tie thing can be a guy rocking a tie and jeans, doest have to mean "dressed up" I just like ties, lol)
-laughing til it hurts (hehee)
-mixtapes/cds (the thought and result of a mix is always fun - i am a dork though)
-mocha light fraps from Starbucks (the best)
-candles (i like mood lighting
-deep conversations (we all need heart to hearts and I njoy dipping beyond surface conversation from time to time)
-making someone smile (makes me... in turn... smile)
-texting (I fell into that addiction but I'm getting much better)
-theme parks ( be a kid, just do it - there is your excuse)
-the fireball at the fair (magical experience bc it's so fun)
-california/boston/florida/new york (great places to visit)
-helping the community (how great to give back)
-pay day (come on, we all like pay day)
-eye contact/awkward moments/smirking (bc it's the little moments in life that you fall back on when the big ones consume you to the point of taking them for granted)
-nicknames (i like one-on-one connections in a friendship)
-sunglasses (bc they help you see when it's blaze'n outside)
-inside jokes (hilarious memories to keep you going)
-ice-cream (weakness... mmm)
-kissing (yep, lol)
-shoes (i like shoes.. a lot.. they excite me.. i don't like feet so i like things that cover them up)
-rd trips (never a dull moment.. esp 3 day long ones.. oh Mexico)
-my ipod (one of the greatest advancements of my generation)
-hot tubs (always relaxing)
-flash drives (help transport information, great tool)
-hello kitty (childhood innocences, i still love sanrio)
-hoodies (i always feel comfortable in my hoodie, i can hide inside it and keep warm)
-eye liner (always been a fan of eye make-up bc ive always had big eyes, haha)
-poprocks (great, always)
-romance (awwwww)
-board games (i like games/sports/anything like that.. just grew up being a team player)
-chewable mulitvitamins (bc I have to take them and I don't swallow pills well.. yay for chewables)
-sporks (the best of both worlds)
-space heaters (i would freeze at work without one)
-notecards (i tend to jot things down from time to time on them)
-Crestor (without which... i wouldn't be doing so well. This drug helps prevent me from having a heart attack)
-thunderstorms (there is just something beautiful about a thunderstorm esp at night
-99 cent pizza (again, best of both worlds)
-boys that smell good (mmmmmmmm)

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