Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jingle Bell Rock

It's that time of the year again... bring out your tacky sweaters and holiday best. Sing a Christmas carol or two and make some fresh, Christmas tree shaped cookies. Go on.. get nuts with lights and fake pine spray.


Don't get too overwhelmed with "stuff" that you forget what Christ + mas means. It is my wish for you during this season that you think about the reason beneath the holly. If you are not religious, then I encourage you to explore the possibility some. Take this time of "feel goods" and "cozy fires" being around friends/family - and think about your purpose here on Earth. Ask questions, do research - but be aware that there is more to the hustle and bustle and those late night Christmas Eve shopping sprees.

Tell people how you feel. That's what I do. I make sure that in this time of being grateful for my life and for the life sacrificed for mine - I am thankful for those that have been placed in my path. Let the cool winter breeze refresh and awaken your senses. Be free and be aware. Decorate to get you in the spirit if you need to. Drink you some eggie noggie sure, but please also take joy in the quietness of dark evenings and candle light.

Here is something else I'd like you to keep in mind.. "new years resolutions" - yep, go ahead and start making them. If you wait until the last minute - under the pressure of it all - you will probably make "impulse decisions" (you most likely.. won't stick to them) Be serious about positive changes. You don't have to compare your resolutions to anyone else and you don't even have to share them. Own your thoughts, it's your life.



allen said...

your a very good writter. later

blustar said...

Thanks, feel free to comment any time.