Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Weight of it All

I just wanted to take a moment to thank a few of you for being awesome friends. Yesterday was a horrible day.. as much as I laugh and attempt to make the best of my conversation, it was still a rough day. There were some things/advice that I needed to hear and I got that last night. Today was not wonderful and I did spend many hours in bed... my head pounds... but.. it in no way matches the feelings of the day before. Tomorrow, tomorrow will be better. And as the week goes by - I will let the weekend take it's course and welcome in any new advances that may fall upon me. I climbed so far up the stairs.. just because I got knocked down a few steps doesn't mean I can't march right back up... faster.. and better.

Matt Nathanson - "Weight of it All"

I'm weak when you miss me
When you roll me on your tongue..
When you whisper me your best moves
I almost believe you
But you don't know me at all

I spent days stupid nailed to your floor
And i spent nights pushed against you
Trying to keep warm
But you don't know me at all.

Show me where the sun comes through the sky
I'll show you where the rain gets in
And i'll show you hurricanes
And the way that summer fades...
Underneath the weight of it all

I'm covered by lovers,
Who recite lines
Convinced their bodies
Are gonna save mine
But you don't know me at all..

You can lift me up to put me down again

Underneath the weight of it all
...the weight of it all

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