Sunday, December 9, 2007

On the Verge

"I come undone, oh yes, I do.. just think of all the thoughts wasted on you. And every word you say, say something sweet... cause all I taste is blood between my teeth"
~Jack's Mannequin~

I guess it's for the best.

Wait.. does anybody ever really know what is best until best happens? I'm aware of how oddly stated that seems but you know what point I'm trying to make. Is "the best" something that comes from your personal sacrifices to reach a certain level of satisfaction? Is "the best" when you do all that you possibly can to fix something and hence you feel accomplished for your choices and steps taken.. to.. as a fun bonus.. make yourself happy within a situation?

Tonight I saw an amazing display of talent. Brilliant musicians entertained my spirit with inspiring song and praise. Makes one vulnerable to the surroundings. Emotions are interesting and I feed off of words and gestures.

There was an older couple sitting in front of me. I couldn't help but notice that in certain moments.. the man would put his arm around his mate. He rubbed her back and smiled.. almost with a sense of "the best" ... knowing that he was there for her... knowing that to her.. he was the one. She would then pull herself into him to show the same respect and love. They displayed the smallest/faintest of movement.. just so that one knew that the other was still there. If you blinked.. you would've missed it. How sweet and innocent.

How did they know that they were "the best" for each other. What hardships did they face and silent complications did they encounter before they knew that being friends, dating, getting married was.. "for the best"

Faith. Gotta love it and God.. may we all have a little of it.

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maverick said...

This is what I call a write..What senstivity..Hat's Off...!!