Thursday, November 29, 2007

Coheed and Cambria

Friday afternoon - me and my bestest guy friend ventured out into a ghost town in NC to attend what turned out to be a kickass concert. I bought him a ticket to the show as a birthday present and the day finally arrived!

After hanging/killing time in the local stores and near freezing to death.. we were finally allowed in the doors... to partake in a very interesting night, ha.

Here is what I learned from the "crowd" before my homeboyz rocked the stage... -If you are a 60yr old hic from the back country - high/passing joints around - drunk out of your mind - rude - sweaty - and downright vulgar... PLEASE do not come anywhere near me. You are the reason I roll my eyes and bite my tongue. I appreciate the lesson in patience.. but there comes a point.. ya know? Grow up.

Now that I got that out of my system.. ha! You... just.. you had to be there to be around this group of idiots.. that's the only way you could understand! Other than being pushed and elbowed a few times - Coheed rocked my face. I also appreciated my buddy blocking half the moshers from me and helping me see the stage when I could. Yep, sucks to be short!!

We made it back, late but safe - so all is well. Now I'm ready for another show. I would love to see Bayside again or Brand New/Taking Back Sunday. I'm just "in the mood" for that style of show...

ps and fyi: taco bell is good when in starvation mode.


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