Monday, March 29, 2010

thanks for the memories

jordan & i said farewell to a classic pop punk band on saturday.
here is our tribute.

tribute note:
j-ro drew a tear on her face
my shirt says: break dance not hearts.

ps ignore the watermarkish fun that randomly pops up. it's bc im using a trial program for converting file formats.. aka.. mac imovie to windows media. yep, ghetto with a touch of legit.


Ryan said...

There are literally so many things about this that make it great. A) I am watching it less than an hour from waking up, which may need to be a new regular. B) I am going to steal the phrase "Ghetto with a touch of legit." C) This is awesome. D) Ya'll are hilarious. Praise.

~kp~ said...

haha thanks ryan!