Monday, November 5, 2007

get down with the sickness


I'm at home today.. sick.
The mack-truck of germs hit me yesterday morning and I'm in recovery.
I've gotta get better because when I get sick.. I tend to stay sick for a long time. I have a very weak immune system. (I don't recommend that to anyone) I took a trip to for some vitamins and medicine last night so hopefully that will kick in soon and help combat the sickness.

As for now, I sit and watch abc family programing and catch up on youtube music videos.
I'm so used to waking up going to work that I did have that little kid feeling today of "being sick and staying home.. watching cartoons and the price is right" - all the things that make being sick so cool. Well, I may/may not be watching the price is right and lounging in my pjs. Just saying. I only wish my Mom was here to bring me my meds on the hour.. I tend to forget when I am supposed to take my next pill. Growing up.. good times.



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