Thursday, April 15, 2010

id rather have friends than fans

**Before you read this, let me be super clear. My thoughts come from both experience and observation. I have to constantly check my heart before speaking encouragement to make sure my words aren't glazed in a coward's attempt at flattery**

Empty words are like cavities to the soul.

Flattery is shallow and damaging to the spirit.
I think all too often people confuse flattery with encouragement but in actuality, there is an epic difference.

Mindless gibberish/validations can quickly clutter our perspective. When we are the subject of such undeserving praise it feeds our wicked default of glory hungry, egocentric behavior. When we are the ones pumping someone full of ill motivated empty words it's almost the equivalence of taking them and pushing them straight into a brick wall... over and over again. Why? Bc you aren't building them up as much as you are passively breaking down their hearts. Yep, you can crush people with positive words just as much as with negative ones if your motives are vapid.

Maybe we should take a minute to understand what each word means:
flattery - insincere or excessive praise
encouragement - the act of giving hope or support to someone, the expression of approval and support

See the difference?

Hebrews 3:13 tells us, we are called to encourage each other daily.
Immature manipulations masking flattery inside of fake encouragement doesn't do anybody any good. Strive to be legit with genuine words of hope and support. Encourage each other - see where God is at work - and praise Him for He is worthy of our praise!


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