Thursday, April 8, 2010

14 years ago today.

While the tragic event happened over the Easter holidays of my 6th grade year... it was this day 14 years ago that my dad slipped into eternity.

The day.

The day I stood next to a hospital bed and said goodbye to my unconscious father.
The day I felt his hand turn cold as I fell into a numb and confused state of mind.
The day I will never forget and not for lack of trying.
The day that sparked a sequence of events that God would later use to help break, shape and mold my character. Yep, God showed me in high school that I went through what I went through so I could use those experience to in turn further His kingdom. That's hard to articulate but if you ever want to talk, I'm open about my life and what Jesus has done for me. Let me take this moment to share... God is 100% good despite unsettling events.

I am thankful for the 12 solid years of memories I had with my father. Some people don't even get that opportunity. I am truly blessed.

I found this picture of him when he was younger.
It says "to Cindy" in the corner.. yep, he gave this pic to my mom.

The other picture, is one that I took upon a visit.

My day of reflection doesn't bid me a bitter heart but more of a thankful one.
I know to most people that probably sounds a bit bizarre but my hope, my hope is in Jesus Christ and with that hope comes peace. He knows whats up. Death did not overcome Jesus - in Him we are alive forever.

In the blink of an eye - everything around you might fall apart and disappear. Fear not, God is constant and has plans to proper you - not to harm you. Trust Him

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Chels said...

This post was encouraging to me, thank you for writing your heart!