Saturday, April 10, 2010

everything else > jelly.

There is no way to spice up taking a bit of a sandwich so if you watch the video... prepare yourselves for nothing super exciting going down. haha

Ok so sometimes I like to wake up and make lunch using whatever I see around the kitchen.

today: pbandj with banana on toast.
The biggest element of this was the jelly bc I don't like jelly.
I tried to slightly mask it with large banana chunks.

Overall, it's a Saturday lunch win.
*if you haven't tried it with cheerios you are missing out.

I don't like "grape" anything.
Even candy that is grape flavored. Yep, I will not eat it.
I traced my dislike back to the years spent as a child being force fed dimetapp so that I would go to bed. My insomnia started when I was young and at the time, this is the only way the Dr told us to handle it. Blah!

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