Sunday, April 5, 2009

Forgive Me

My apologies.

I feel that I need to openly apologize to those that I may have come in contact with tonight during my half-asleep mode. Looking back…. I think my exhaustion may have come across as apathetic and I want to clearly state that if you got that impression from me - I am truly sorry.

My heart was in the right place tonight but my mind was elsewhere at times. Yes, my mind was screaming for rest but I haven’t let it rest bc I haven‘t been able to get much sleep lately and it affected me more than I was aware. I completely suck for letting that determine my behavior.

Anyway, God woke me up during the service - He is good about that - and afterward I was back to my semi-normal self. I just wanted to apologize for those fam loves that I might of spoken to earlier when I was out of it. If you felt something was off.. It was totally me, not you,. I am unaware of how shy I become when I am inwardly exhausted.

Working on it.
Please forgive me.

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