Friday, December 5, 2008


Reflections of a Broken Heart.

I found out some news recently that has left me feeling helpless, broken and confused. My Mom received a bad flu shot recently which has left her with neuropathy problems. The shot went too deeply into her skin and it has left her with a constant full body tingling sensation. Seriously, it never stops. And at moments, it gets painful for her. She never complains about it but you can see the look on her face and it breaks my heart. What kills me more is that she had to get the flu shot because she is a teacher, all the teachers got shots that day. Yet, she is the only one left with issues she will now have for the rest of her life. She was told that there is no cure for this problem. I want to prove them wrong.

If I could take her place, I would. I would jump into her body and I would give her mine to keep. She is the most amazing person I've ever met in my life and I am fortunate to call her my Mother. I would do anything for her, without second thought or hesitation. She is my best friend, mentor, and mother. I am lucky in this, I am beyond blessed.

Why is she so awesome?
At the gas station as I was leaving to come back to cola, I felt sad and couldn't help but cry. I tried to be strong but I couldn't figure out why this amazing woman of God would have this happen to her. She touches so many lives daily.. I wish you knew... and for her to now be in pain/discomfort... it kills me.

She saw my tears, made a joke to make me smile.. but then looked at me and said.
"Do no worry for God had a reason. I'll be ok. Trust and have faith."

If you need a positive role model in your life. I'll give you her number.

I just wish I could do something. Feeling helpless and emotionally weak isn't helping matters. I had a long talk with God and I'm working through this with prayer. Maybe they can find a cure or some sort of medicine to help ease this.

I love her.
Any prayers for her would be muchly appreciated.

Meanwhile, I need a new job ASAP. If you know of any place hiring, keep me posted plzzzzz!

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