Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Isn't it Ironic.. don't ya think?

So, tonight I met my Life Group out for dinner. T'was rad as per usual and I left feeling good and excited for the rd trip some of us are going on tmwr. (to see one of my all time fav bands) And I thought to myself, "hey self, lets go ahead and fill up the gas tank so you have one less thing to do tomorrow"

So I'm driving down the rd, looking for the cheapest gas I can find. After realizing I had gone pretty far out and seen all of my options, I pulled into a turn lane to... well.. turn around.

I look to my right.. cars are off in the distance. (one direction road)
I turn left.
I drive.
I hear screeching tires on the ground.
I tense up.
I feel a quick, jerking to my car and I quickly try to get off of the road as to not get in the way of anyone else driving.

Yep, I was hit.

Now, here comes the ironic part.
I have been very hesitant on driving on this rd trip tomorrow because we have 6 people and I have 5 seats in my car (as most cars) and I was thinking... strangely a lot.. about how unsafe that is. About how I was broke and couldn't afford a ticket (for not having enough seat belts) as well as.. safety.. what IF something happened.

And oh my, it happened.
Only just to me.
Which I prefer. I don't want to endanger my friends/family.

I've never been in an accident before (with me driving)
much less have someone claim it was my fault and thusly.. I got charged with a REDICK fine that I can't pay and 4pts on my license.

The guy in the van that hit me... well.. his car is crazy wrecked. His passenger door was about hanging off, mirror cracked.. the list goes on and on.

I feel in my gut that God is telling me:
a) never compromise what you feel is wrong for you
b) listen to that voice telling you it's not a good idea, it's me talking here
c) it was a sign that maybe if I did drive tmwr, something worse could've happened... esp due to my extreme caution. (you know when you are over careful.. something typically happens. Just sucks bc I am an awesome driver, ugh)

It's funny how not all messages apply to all people.
For ex. I've ridden.. and driven.. countless times.. with people "improperly placed" and it's never sunk in with me as a bad idea. Just this week. How odd. It's like I knew something was going to happen.. just not what or when.

Now, now I have a horrible pain in my neck, shoulders, right arm, right leg and lower back to prove to me.. just how important seat belts are and how for me, I can't go with something I feel in my inner gut is not cool.

It's 4am and the pain is a bit much.
Job interview early.

oh OH the best part.
After the police cleared us to drive into a parking lot (it was dark as mess outside.. and yes it took the police 45 minutes to get there) guess where we were....

A Funeral Home.

Dear God,

I got your message.

A ticket is minor compared to a worse alternative,



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