Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm not a shark, I'm a jet.

(pre-reading note: I realize that when I give shout-outs I type directly to the person, so in case my thoughts are ever read by anyone I shout-out to.. they will have my direct words. Done)

Saying my week started off badly would be an understatement.
Saying my week ended off better than I could have imagined would also be an understatement.

Say Whaaat?

So, if you know me at all - or you read my twitter/fb/or blog.. you know that the car accident wrecked my brain and wallet almost more than the jeep itself.

Well, here is my update post that messy, foggy, Tuesday night...

I took a much needed road trip with some of my friends aka family and we ventured to see Taking Back Sunday in North Carolina. Holla! I had a great time getting to know each of the people on the trip better and the concert itself was fun/off-the-chain. Mellie and Callie, my LG, my sisters, my straight legit bond. I always enjoy spending time with you both. Mellie, you're a great bestie and I love you muchly. You have a huge part of my heart. Callie, you are like a sister and I enjoy the times we have to hang out as our friendship contines to grow. Mikey and Jwhite, I group y'all together because when I think of the trip.. I think of you both being hilarious.. together. The combined antics would make anyone laugh aloud and forget their troubles. Thanks for that! And Bailey, truth be told, I think you're pretty rad. I had a blast hanging out with you. ps thanks again for being awesome in making sure I didn't get lost in the mix during the concert!!!

I'm glad everything worked out. God Rules. Word.

Ok, in keeping with the good vibe.. the next morning I woke up to a phone call that I had been eagerly awaiting for. Yes, it finally happened! After 3 long months of doing odd modeling jobs and going on countless interviews to try to find a place to work.. I finally got the job offer I had been praying for! YES. Words can't fully describe how pure the salt was that ran down my cheeks as I gladly accepted the position.

Thank you everyone that has stood by me, supported me and prayed for me.
You each mean so much to me and I hope that in some way/shape/form.. I repay you 10 fold. I would do anything for any of you, please know that you can come to me for anything. My phone is on 24/7 and if I don't answer, I will call you back.

I wish I could expose more feeling into this blog because I have a lot in my heart but... I'll save that for those one-on-one opportunities.. bc that's what it's about afterall.


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