Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh snap.. fo'real?

Yes, it finally happened.

My trusty razr cellular device has seen better days.
( state the obvious)
That's right, it finally broke into two pieces. The last two years of constant dropping and falling out of my pocket have caught up with me. The ironic fact of the matter is... I can't really be mad or upset about this situation.
Why? Oh... because it still works!

In it's sad lil two piece way, it somehow refuses to give up complete hope. I admire the will of this trusty gadget. The vein/lifeline/tiny wire needed for the "connection" still remains... holding the two parts together in a purely ghetto fasion. Perphaps it's fitting. It's got my emo sad and my thug gangsta all in one hot pink mess... and to talk on the phone... well, that's just a sight you'd have to see. Alas, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Well, my contract is supposed to be up in Feb. I hope that I can up that to.. umm.. this weekend. We'll see...

til then... fear not... you may still call/text/whateves... just know that I'll be awkwardly silly... wherever I am.. responding to you =p



Anonymous said...

I am sad for you, but very happy that we can keep each other company through our cellular woes!

You should invest in an iphone now... let it revolutionize your life... as long as you take care of it.

blustar said...

I'm not gonna lie.. I def just got back from checking out iphones! I'm ever so tempted... so... I've made it a summer time goal, haha. Sumter is having a blackberry special today.. I might hit that up in a few minutes.

And with whatever I get.. as much as I try to take care of it.. the phone will hit the ground. Perhaps a case is in my near future. =p