Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't understand people can be so distant and cold?
it breaks my heart.

So I talked to my Mom tonight and she told me a story that upset me.

An auntie of mine that lives up in Boston had an accident recently. She took a spill and fell down at a train station in the morning prier to work. She has to take the train to work.. not many people actually drive to their respected jobs that live up there bc of traffic. Anyway - she fell horribly and could not get up because the pain was so incredible.

Nobody - nobody - nobody came to her side and helped her when she fell.
People went on their way - passed by her - let her lay - on the dirty ground - in pain. As she asked for help, people continued on their merry way as if nothing was going on.

WHAT? Hearing this story lit. made me feel sick to my stomach.

Finally a girl walked by that helped my aunt up. - Thank God for her.
Turns out, my auntie broke her leg.. hence why she could not get up on her own.

I'm sorry but are you kidding me?
How hard is it to take 5 seconds and help someone in need.
How can you be so blind and ignorant?

God, please continue to give me your love for humanity. Give me your arms for the broken hearted - please reach the people who are walking around dead inside, focused on themselves and their identity in their jobs - the people that have no love or compassion for anyone but themselves. The people who refuse to have their status dented by being seen with certain people. Help me to turn this bitter feeling into a prayer for hope to be spread on those busy streets. Bless those that are good Samaritans in my life that I take for granted.


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