Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daily Bread

So tonight I went to get some dinner and conversate with some friends.
For the record, I'm always up for coffee, zucchini, cookies, dance and conversation. No - those elements should not nec. be combined together - but you get the picture.

So, while at dinner - there were 3 tables of midtown peeps - better known as my family - (why have I not blogged about family vacation yet?!) and it was totally cool to see friendly faces as I awaited my zucchini.

So, while we were all sitting at our respected tables.. in walks yet another friendly face. He walked in and went to each of our tables to say hello. I wanted him to come and sit with us but he said he had somewhere to be and after a big hug, he went out the door on his way.

Moments later the waitress came up to us and asked us if we knew "that guy" and then she asked, "was he bothering you?"

We all said, "yes, we know him - and no, he wasn't bothering anyone..."
and the waitress said, "he used to come here all the time.. sit around like a bum"

Then a member of my family looked at the waitress and said, "he has changed"
The waitress responded with, "Well, I can tell he changed, I can see a big difference. I haven't even seen him in a long time, he seems like a different person"

And our response, "he is different, he found/has God"

To change.
To be a light in the darkness.
To let your story be a testiment to His purpose, grace, glory and salvation.
What a great opportunity of conversation to be had after such a powerful moment.

Great night at the grilled-t.

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