Friday, September 12, 2008

my friends > your friends

I had intentions of writing a brief post last night but alas, when I arrived back home.. sleep was my best option. Just trust me on that one. Anyway, a group of friends came to see me dance in the play!! Awesome. It's nice to have support and not to mention.. friendly faces for some post-show antics.

I was lucky enough to get some rad flowers that are now sending crazy happy vibes in my room. My emo self needs some light sometimes as I do tend to get apathetic and stubborn in realism. So yay to bright, happy flowers that smell awesome. I heart flowers. I even like dead flowers.. does that make me weird? I don't care, I enjoy the beauty in dried pedals. To each his own.

In other news of randomness:
-I think black & mild apple smells good.
-I exchanged make-up tips with drag queens. (a few of my friends dance on a bar at a place called 1109/PT's Cabaret. And they look aaaamazing in their attire)
-I believe coughing combined with crunches gives you a tight stomach
-I'm considering becoming a serving wench.
-I'm trying on Halloween costumes already.

Oh Halloween.. you skanktastic holiday you. Yah you, you slay me.

I freaking love costumes and dress-up.


Woodshed said...

you is CUTE & those flowers is beautiful! yo mamma let chu date?

blustar said...

Holla' shawty done turn dem heads since da baby dayz...momma kno! you iz hilariousness.