Monday, September 22, 2008

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I should win an award.
I deleted the post I wrote last week. You know the one.
The one where I exposed myself on accident due to insomnia and lack of reality. Don't get excited, I didn't post nude pictures of myself - I mean emotastically exposed. The kind of image where eyeliner runs down the cheek.. crashes to the floor.. next to the tight jeans and ipod. Don't worry, the chucks are safe.

'I miss you, do you miss me too' 'can we just be friends and see what happens' 'does this keep you up nights, wondering' 'how many times a day do i cross your thoughts' 'do you wonder if you cross my thoughts' 'have you felt alone, restless' 'how many drinks have been dedicated to the loss' 'how many excuses have you made to cope' 'remember when...' 'do you want another chance at the possibility of us, ever' 'am i simply better than all of these questions combined'

Yes, gag me with a romantic spoon full of vodka.

There is no need to express matters that actual matter.
Now, I said what I meant and I meant what I said but to those who need to know how I feel - they do. The people who actually care about me - they get more of me than you ever will. I'll shed light on certain things but prob not as emo as the blog in question.

those who mind don't matter.. those who matter, don't mind.
'classic cliche #45'

and lucky for you - you don't have the right to know anything I'm not ok with sharing. Sorry.
I'm better than being specific anyway, my talents in writing are in being general to the point of annoyance. Welcome.


West Side Story stole my heart and has kept it productively busy.. though alcohol has been involved a time or two! a-yo! Fear not, my money has not been wasted on rash, immature, i want to "feel something" right now so I'm going to drink my money and pee it out later type ordeals. Tempting. Fine.. but that only happens on the nights when I get free shots from a bar during intermission.. but you get my point. Pretty points.

If you are one of my friends that live in the area and you haven't been cultural yet - go see it. You only have 4 chances left. After the show, we don't come out and rush the crowd. We go change then go out. I tend to escape out the back door with my friends. So if you have come and I haven't seen you.. sorry but glad you came, hope you liked it.

Food for thought:
Is it a sad day when a bar puts condoms out to replace the popular courtesy mint?
Is it smart that people realize safe sex practices are more important than mints?
Should bars be tempting lonely individuals into having sex by broadcasting condoms?
Isn't sex supposed to be sacred? Sigh. With someone you want to be with for more than 5/10 minutes? Someone you love.
Or, is this bar ahead of the curve and it realizes people will do it anyway.. might as well prevent diseases. I'd say childbirth.. but this is at a gay bar.
That goes back to sex being sacred, doesn't it?
ZING! To each his own, each his own.

Yep, the best part of being yourself - you have the right to believe, live and function the way you want to. Someone will always hate you. Some group will always try to sway you. As long as you are ok with yourself, be just that. Just believe in something - whatever that may be - or you will fall for everything.. and nobody likes a sucker. Well, babies do. I guess. Think for yourself, seriously.

New irritating thing:
people who randomly TYPE in ALL caps to PROVE a point.
Are you screaming at me or do you think i JUST CAN'T READ normal sized text.

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