Saturday, May 23, 2009

I need you like water in my lungs.

..this story's old but it goes on and on until we disappear..

No matter what sheltered world you have created for yourself... you will still face a day when your world is wrecked, your day is ruined and you feel like the fates of the universe are against you. You are then left with two options.

Option one: Get over it, get over yourself, learn something.. and move on.
Option two: Sulk, complain, pity yourself, self-loathe.. and stay depressed.

Picture this: It's a crazy hot day outside and you just bought yourself the best ice-cream cone you've ever had but.. in your excitement... you dropped it! What moments ago brought you joy now brings you heartache. Your treat is now a puddle on the steaming pavement below. What do you do now? Do you say, "well that sucks, haha"
Or do you bend over and proceed to lick up the gravel stricken substance in a desperate attempt to save the misfortune that occurred?

I think most people live their lives in such a way that they are constantly staring at the ground in hopes of reversing life. Some people are so fixated on the puddle of ice-cream on the ground that they miss the nearby ice-cream truck that is giving away free cones. No amount of staring at that puddle will reverse or bring that cone back to your grasp.

advise: Stop complaining about what you think is wrong with your life. Focus on the good things that you have been blessed with. Concentrate on what you have versus complaining for what you don't. Don't sell yourself short by licking the pavement when you could just laugh and get a cup next time with hopes the fate of your next treat will result differently.

Sure, vent when venting is needed but not for vain attempts of self-worship. Seek advice for growth and perspective on how to move on in a healthy way. If you compare your life to someone else, you will never be satisfied. The grass is always greener so learn to accept the life you've been given and rock it bc the world does not revolve around you and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can learn to let go of the trivial things that weigh you down.

Not trying to be rude but:
To those people that intentionally unload their hypothetical melodramas on others for constant attention - you are like poison to me. Poison that numbs the friendship and spreads rampant through my veins and skews my view of you. I love you for what it's worth but if you attack me with your fictitious woes just for mere attention, you are poison to your own spirit and just know, there comes a point when my health can't afford to let you tangle my nerves... just for your amusement. Taking advantage of friendship just to make yourself feel better is pretty sick and I breathe a lot easier without it.


pegleg jr. said...

bomb diggity

Brunette said...

so true....I can totally relate.

Beautiful Chaos said...

This is awesome. :D