Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ok, I just have to vent this out real quick.

Tonight I had a horrible experience at a local gas station.

I was just pumping my gas when some dude came over to where I was pumping the gas and he just... stood there, looking at me. Sketch.
I just ignored him as best as possible and kept on pumping my gas.
He walked away and then a few seconds later - one of the 3 guys throws a beer can at me. Yes, he threw a beer can at me and then said, "b*tch, pick that up."
Are you kidding me?

I bit my tongue, just stopped pumping gas - looked inside the store to see if there was a dude working or a girl, it was a young girl - So I started walked to my get in my car and then another one of the dudes starting yelling at me.

I can't even being to bleep out type the horrible things he said to me.
He basically told me things that I should do to him and where I should go.
It was graphic and it was pathetic.

I got in my car to avoid my talking back and starting more drama. I went to get their plate number but they drove off.

I almost feel violated.

Did that just happen?

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