Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pack your bags Flu... we are done.

Ok, from my last posting.. you know I've been sick.
Well, I don't remember the last time I've felt so baldy.
I thought I just caught a mild cold.. but it suddenly turned into the full fledged flu with some bronchitis on the side.

I have a very low protein diet and in times of sickness, I am greatly reminded of this deficiency. Proteins help you fight germs/negative entities in your body and my lack of them leaves me sick for longer than I'd care for. It's because I don't eat much meat.. but I'm going to work on that. I took my supplements and vitamins but sometimes, it's not enough.

I drank buckets of water for two reasons:
1) I tend to get dehydrated a lot and with the constant fevers and sweating, water was a must.
2) It would make me, without much hesitation, get out of bed to go to the bathroom - flushing out my system and making me work my muscles. If not for going to the bathroom, I would not have gotten out of bed at all. I would make myself walk around for a few minutes, sit at my computer for a second.. read some news and checks some sites, change clothes - then get back in bed.

Do you know how many clothes I went through? Great Day.
I washed stuff yesterday - like 7 loads of clothes.

My fevers would get so bad that I'd sweat through my clothes (as if I just ran 6 miles) and immediately after, the chills would start. My skin would get so cold from the sweat, I'd have to change clothes. Gross. But.. I guess changing clothes was also good because.. who wants to be in germified clothes all day?

I would take showers.. but you'd never know it.
I'd brush my hair... but you'd never know it.

I was straight up, death bed looking sick.

I'm still going through cough attacks and blowing my nose.. but I'm up to feeling 85% better - and that's almost as good as 100% to me. I give myself til tomorrow til I'm about 90% and each day following will bring me closer to 100.

I honestly hope that everyone avoided this sickness that is going around the world. The Today Show wished people luck in avoiding this.. and in my bed.. coughing... sweating... freezing... I laughed.

If you are sick.. here are some tips:
1) if you can't swallow pills due to the horrible sore throat:
Liquid dayquil and liquid nyquil work wonders. Use the dosage cup and down that nasty mess every 6 hours.
2) Benadryl allergy is also great for this - and those pills are tiny/easy to take.
3) Drink water until you feel like you might burst.
4) Even though you aren't hungry - try to eat some soup/mashed potatoes/toast. Just something to have in your stomach. I had a stomach virus too - so I couldn't keep too much down without throwing it up - so just have small portions of things.. to help the medicine do it's job and to keep you from getting cramps of hunger as you lay in bed.
5) Sleep when possible. Even if it is the day time and you feel you should stay awake. Forget that junk. Get your hours right when you feel better. You can't do anything else anyway - so just - sleep. Or, at best, close your eyes and just lay there in quiet. You might not thing you are doing much for yourself, but in reality - you are.
6) Take Vitamins
7) Wash your hands when you can
8) Whenever you get out of bed, take that opportunity to clean the area of empty pill things/wash out your dosage cup, take your cups to the kitchen and get new ones to fill with water, close up bags of tissue and put a fresh bag next to your bed to refill... just keeping the germs to a minimum.
9) spray disinfectant around trashcans, bed, light switch and doorknobs when you can.
10) Remember... you will feel better... one day.


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