Friday, July 2, 2010


I feel secure in saying that when the answer that you want is within the tone of the question that you state.. you've 98% already made up your mind. I find that in situations like that, we only ask questions to either further validate our decisions or to simply hear ourselves talk.

Lets be honest:
"Is this a bad idea?" - yeah, it usually is.
"Should I do this?" - no, probably not.

We put ourselves on the front lines of war when we let our convictions spark justifications instead of repentance. I think all too often we ask poor, empty questions. It's a dangerous day when we let a rebellious childhood mindset trick us into thinking we have metaphorical chains to break. We flirt with the temptation of "how far can I *insert sin here*" and in so, we subject ourselves to an unguarded battle against the enemy. Yikes.

When I've found myself guilty of justifications, it's because I was being lazy. Confession: the cliche hyperactive kid's default broken response is apathy. Praise God that He allows the Holy Spirit to change the lackadaisical sinner into a passionate believer. Praise God for forgiveness and grace.

Ok so back to my point: Rather than asking questions like "what can I get away with" we should maybe be asking ourselves.. "does this glorify God/Am I glorifying God in this moment/again, is this for God's glory?"

ps If you want clarity... start by being clear.




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