Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't get mad at me but...

Typically when someone starts a phrase this way... you will.. in fact.. end up getting mad. Even if the angst comes from a comical place in your heart - your first reaction will usually be.. "WHAT?!" or something of that nature.

At night, I sit on the computer and I look/apply for jobs. I haven't had any luck these last few weeks though other than countless spam that consumes my e-mail. Nevertheless, I am still on the search for something else. My job isn't terrible, I'm doing good things for children.. but.. at the same time.. I'm getting burnt out really fast at the expense of slowly being taken advantage of as an employee. I'm standing up for myself sure.. but that isn't going to change the system. I must just defend my status until I can comfortably leave.

Tonight I found out that my co-worker, the only other full-time girl - my friend - turned in her resignation letter. *insert the "WHAT?!" here. She has not been able to find a new job yet but she just can't handle the environment at hand any longer. She is married and is going to bank on his earnings for a while as she hopes to find something new.

I'm proud of her. This is something that she has been thinking about before I even started working there. While I'm proud, I also just hope she does find something soon. I think she can work for her Dad or something as a last resort - still - any resort is better than none.

That leaves me. As if stress wasn't already piling on top of my plate at work - if I'm the only full-time person there - I can't imagine the load that is about to be dropped upon me. Thus, I might have to swallow hard and exhale until I lock onto a new job. I fear my days without her being there to withhold sanity. Even so, the search continues. I'll hear back from something soon - and if not - I just have to try harder. Right?

Curse the liberal arts.

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Demetrius said...

Regardless of how hard we try, it just does not always add up to anything in our favor, but the blessing in all of that is "hunger" there is no greater motivator than that.... "Use it until you fulfill your dreams sweetheart.." Stay blessed!